• development发展历程
  • 青岛海基环境艺术有限公司成立,以独特、鲜明的艺术风格及精湛的生产制作工艺,研制出新颖而享誉本行业的畅销产品!

    The company set up in Qingdao.

  • 搬师上海,成立上海永州raybet雷竞技app下载工艺品公司,专业制造雷竞技app下载官方版!

    Company removed to Shanghai, renamed"Shanghai Yongzhou Haihong Company" specialized in Artificial Plant.

  • raybet雷竞技app下载年销量额超过3000万,企业逐渐稳中求进!

    Annual turnover more than 30 millions.

  • raybet雷竞技app下载企业总部设立于广州,力挽狂澜,以独特鲜明的艺术风格及精湛的生产制作工艺成为行业的领跑者,年销量超过7000万!

    Haihong set up the headquarter in Guangzhou , has been the leader of this industrial, annual turnover more than 70 millions.

  • raybet雷竞技app下载企业本固枝荣,在成为“雷竞技app官方下载园林领头羊”基础上进军“主题包装”“艺术景观”业务板块,逐步向产业链框架完善。并确立以“集团”式发展为导向。

    Only when the wood is firm,the branches flounsh,Aftar Haihong been the leader in the artificial plants field,we extended Our business scope to the "Theme package"and "Art landscaping". So we started built the induserial chain and decided we have to develop to a group.

  • raybet雷竞技app下载厚积薄发,以超凡的理念、尖端的技术、顶尖的团队,在不断拓展市场的基础上以修炼“内功”为主。正式成立raybet雷竞技app下载集团公司,主营:旅游地产、主题公园、水上乐园、艺术景观等 。此时,raybet雷竞技app下载全企业员工达一千余人,年销量额已突破5亿元大关。

    Haihong grows well with extraordinary ideas, cutting-edge technology,the top team, in the continuous expansion of the market on the basis of practice "internal strength". The Haihong group is establishment, the main business: tourism real estate, theme parks, water parks, art landscape and so on. At this time, Haihong all employees are more than 1,000 people, the annual sales volume has exceeded 500 million yuan.

  • raybet雷竞技app下载集团发展日新月异,raybet雷竞技app下载集团已集成:规划、设计、研发、生产、施工、安装、销售、运营等成熟框架; 此时的raybet雷竞技app下载集团分公司分布上海、广州 、湖南、香港、韩国等地。同时raybet雷竞技app下载集团已将营销网络覆盖日本、新加坡、俄罗斯、美国、英国、德国等许多国家和地区。

    Haihong Group has developed in the pssing days. Haihong Group has integrated:planning, design, research and development,production,construction,installation,sales,operation and other mature framework; at this time the Haihong Group branch distribution Shanghai, Guangzhou,Hunan, Hong Kong, South Korea Other places. At the same time Haihong Group has marketing network covering Japan, Singapore, Russia, the United States, Britain, Germany, France and many other countries and regions.

  • 服务热线
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